The effects of prenatal alcohol exposure are lifelong. Alcohol can cause permanent damage that will impact on how a person learns, remembers, communicates, socialises and manages school, work and life.

Researchers and doctors recommend abstaining from alcohol for any woman who is pregnant, is thinking of becoming pregnant or could be pregnant.

Some women may not want to disclose they are pregnant just yet. Remember – you do not have to justify or explain why you choose not to consume alcohol. However, in social settings you may choose to say:

  • No, thank you, I’m not drinking tonight
  • No, thank you, but a juice would be wonderful
  • No, thank you. I have to drive
  • I have a big day/ early meeting tomorrow so no thanks
  • I’m not feeling the best so would rather not, thanks

If people already know you’re pregnant or you’re happy to tell them you can simply say: No thanks, not while I’m pregnant. Also ask those closest to you to give you support in these situations. This could include saying that you’re on a health kick together and not drinking alcohol.

For further information please ring 1300 306 238, email or visit to see the National Health and Medical Research Council Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol

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